Stepss to improve customer service

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Steps to Improve Customer Service
Good customer service is key to running a successful business. Treat someone well, and that customer will tell his friends. (The reverse is true as well; acustomer who leaves mad will spread the word.) A good reputation for service is the most effective advertising there is and will help make you money and develop customer loyalty for your business orbrand.

Know Your Customers

1. If you want people to invest in you, invest in them. People are creatures of habit, and if you become part of their habit, you've just gained a steadycustomer. If you work in a restaurant, know that person's favorite entree. If it's a department store, ask them how they like the shoes they bought last week. And if you run a service such as a landscapingbusiness, follow up, ask how the yard looks and ask if there's anything that needs to be done. This requires lots of observation and memory (and doesn't work if you have high employee turnover), butthe payoff is well worth it.

Take complaints graciously

2. No matter how good your product is and how well it's delivered, you just can't make everybody happy. Employees make mistakes,and sometimes people are just hard to please. Take complaints sincerely and with empathy; often, when people complain, all they need to feel better is to know they've been heard. Understand the problem,acknowledge the inconvenience ("I'm very sorry we kept you waiting so long.") and begin working toward the solution ("Let me find out what are your best options?") If you seem determined to correctthe mistake, the customer will be more likely to forgive it. Also, if a customer is angry or getting frustrated with you, remember that it may not be personal. Stay calm and composed, and eventuallythey will follow your example.

Own the Problem

3. Another word on customer conflicts: The first step to resolving them is to show you care. The next is to show them you are doing your...
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