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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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"From our birth until our death."
Although stereotypes are to a large extent the media, there are others, that since we are born we are taught, that we printed in our minds that are already part of our reality: gender stereotypes.
From birth and our families know of our sex, immediately begin to stereotypes: if the newcomer is a girl you wear pink clothes and her bedroomwill be painted with similar colors and shelves have dolls and stuffed animals, if the baby is a boy is celestial colors you wear and toys will be from that moment toy cars, Legos, puzzles, these are the first differentiating features that have women and men throughout their lifetime.
Stereotypes of women
In our time television plays an important role in the development of stereotypes,including gender (or sex), as it has the potential to create social value and influence on people because it offers definitions, present models, and may be an exponent changes. Among the many stereotypes that we offer is that of the ideal woman who, through commercials, shows a woman happy, spontaneous, intelligent, respectable, socially acceptable, desirable and influential. Do not contradict whatthey say, is willing, helpful, caring, etc.. Physically it is thin, with perfect body and classic features, beautiful.
Therefore, this ideal image of women has been of great impact, as it has increased the dissatisfaction of the women for their body, though not yet explained it only affect some women and not others.
Younger women appear as a sexual object on which you apply everything mentionedin the preceding paragraph. Adult women in advertisements as a housewife, mother, worker, wise (with respect to household affairs), patient, nice, etc.. In this way the stereotypes that exist about women are transmitted every day on TV and stress are responsible for some negative traits that do not represent what is the feminine gender, except in the minds of men who perpetuate these stereotypesas something natural. Examples are the commercial detergents, food and other household use which feature women as the typical housewife, weak, helpless, dependent (a man), delicate and sensitive. For their part, sellers of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, for example, used the image of a beautiful woman, slim, eternally young, seductive and silly, which appears not to have a brain of itsown. In addition, another widely used image of the woman is vain and consumer, which purchase and this purchase gives you unlimited satisfaction. This image is widely used by sellers of beauty products and shopping center owners.
It is important to note that all these features are false representations of what is a woman, but unfortunately most women accept this image given by the media as theimage to be projected. They firmly believe that these images reflect society's standards about what is or should be the ideal woman. The worst thing about this is that due to the great importance they give to comply with the requirements of perfect mold already established, self-esteem is sometimes seriously affected when comparing the true image with the idealized image projected by the businessand be account the large gap. For this woman the media are the root of discontent and insecurity experienced in your life. All this dissatisfaction may lead women to develop some kind of eating disorder.
This situation is really alarming, as indicated by a survey in England in 2000 which reported an average of 6% of girls who say they are on a diet also showed that the meet between 15 and 18,the percentage increases to 16%. 57.5% of girls interviewed said that their appearance is the most important concern of his life, 59% of girls between 12 and 13 years old, whose self-esteem is considered low, obsessively monitor their diet and weight.
On the other hand there is the smart woman, strong, capable and confident that rebelled against these stereotypes and do not allow the media...
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