Steve jobs

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Steve Jobs

Back to Apple

The return of Steve Jobs to Apple Company came when the company was in decline, some decided to regain control of it, so he won the confidence of the management of thecompany at the expense of then-CEO Gil Amelio, making it named interim director of the September 16, 1997.

Some of the first steps in his new post Jobs were signing an agreement with Microsoft,for which this company was to invest money in Apple in exchange for 4% of its shares, although this did not give him the right to vote in decisions board of the company, the office supply Officesoftware for Macintosh computers and an end to disputes over the interface graphical news this measure was not well received.

Were similar acceptance of the cancellation of the license Mac OS to otherhardware manufacturers such as Power Computing, a company that would eventually acquired by Apple, which prevented the popularization of this platform and discontinuing the Apple Newton, a devicecharacteristics similar to a personal digital assistant.

These measures, however, allowed the company to focus its efforts on improving their products and test new business lines, such as digital musicstore iTunes Store, iPod audio players and iMac computers, which proved a great success.

Jobs in 2006 signed a contract with Intel to use x86 architecture processors in all its desktops and laptops.In December 2009, Steve Jobs was appointed Chief Executive of the Year by the Harvard Business Review for "increase by 150,000 million in Apple stock value in the last 12years."

Personal LifeHe was married Laurence Powell since 1991, whom he met at Stanford University. They lived in Palo Alto, California, with her three children. Steve also had another daughter, Lisa, born from arelationship of youth with Arlenne Brennan. He suffered several serious health problems. In 2004 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease passed after cancer treatment clinic in California. In...
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