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Marketing and communication mayor

The mayor I am studying is a business mayor and it is marketing and communication. I choose this mayor because this is the stuff I like to do and its something Iwould work even if they do not pay me. The main areas of this mayor are design, creativity, statistics and social studies. The most challenging area for me is statistics because I am not very good atmath and besides this is the only part I don’t like about marketing and its harder to work when you do not like something. I believe I have more potential in the area of creativity, because I amalways the creative guy in all my groups and I am the one that sees out of the box. I am really interested in the area of design because I do not know a lot of computer design but I am willing to learn it,its similar to doing it by hand. There is a big room for creativity in marketing, its basically all creativity. I would like to innovate how the publicity is offered to people, I would like to makesomething different like the papers they give out to show new stores or stuff, they can have a video so people can see better the product being offered.
One of the biggest marketing companies is bigmarketing; this is a marketing solution agency that is located in the United Kingdom. Password marketing is another important agency and this one is located in Mexico. I will talk more about passwordmarketing that also offers classes for people to learn more in depth all the design and publicity stuff. Password marketing also offers their costumers really good advertising and they know where itshould go at what time and how. A big reason for its success is because they work mostly with young people because they have fresh ideas and they know what is right know everyone talking about. Theseworkers also are cheaper because they can have just graduated from their mayor and they don’t have a lot of experience. They mostly work just in Mexico because it is an agency that is still growing...
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