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Match the phrases to make sentences about the tour.

___1.-lf you like going to the beach. a. whether you´ve been here before or not.

___ 2.-You can buy souvenirsb. if you don´t want to

___ 3.-You´ll really enjoy this trip c. you´ll enjoy Puerto Vallarta

___ 4.-Unless you know our history. d. when you go to Tlaquepaque.___ 5.- lf you´re worried about packing. e. you might not have heard of Dolores Hidalgo

___ 6.-You don't have to go to the art gallery. f. that's no problem-leave it until the last dayUnderstading positive words in advertising

When you read a text, think about the following questions?

What does the writer wants me to do? How does he/she try to achieve this?

ln anadvertisement, the writer wants you to buy the product One way the writer

Triest to achieve this is by using positive words. Even if the meaning is the same, some

words are positive, some areneutral, and some are negative:

She weighs 55 kilos she’s very slim. ------------> Positive

She weighs 55 kilos. She's very thin. ------------>neutral

She weighs 55 kilos. She's very skinny.---------> Negative

A.-Read the advertisement and circle six positive words.

A full day´s guide tour to see this fascinating city, home of the Hat dance and the Mariachi. After visiting thecathedral, a stunning landmark in the city with impressive twin towers and the squares around it, dine in a traditional restaurant to enjoy the local delicacies. The next day, join the Tlaquepaque shoppingexcursion, where you´ll be able to find many inexpensive souvenirs.

B.- Replace the natural words in advertisement with positive words from the box

Admire delicacies enjoy fascinatinginexpensive wealth

On the excursion, you can look at (1)______________the tower, once used as a jail, and the eat (2)____________a lot (3) _________________of cheap (4)_________________regional...
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