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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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HP StorageWorks
1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader chassis replacement
CAUTION! Parts can be damaged by electrostatic
discharge. Keep parts in electrostatic containers
until needed. Ensure you are properly grounded
when touching static sensitive components.

WARNING! The HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Tape
Autoloader weighs 11.5 kg (25.4 lb.) without
media, and 13.1 kg (28.9 lb.) with media (8
cartridges).When moving the Autoloader, to
reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the
Autoloader: 1) observe local health and safety
requirements and guidelines for manual material
handing, 2) always remove all tapes to reduce the
overall weight of the Autoloader, and 3) obtain
adequate assistance to lift and stabilize the
Autoloader during installation or removal.



Youwill need a #3 Phillips screwdriver and a paper
clip to remove and replace the base chassis assembly.


Recording configuration


Removing cables


If the Operator Control Panel (OCP) or Remote
Management Interface (RMI) works, write down the system,
drive, and network configuration settings.


Removing the tape cartridge
from the drive

Using theOperator Control Panel or the Remote
Management Interface, unload the tape cartridge from the
drive if necessary.

Power off the Autoloader (1) and unplug the power
cord from the wall outlet. Remove the power cord from
the Autoloader (2). Remove the SCSI cable and Ethernet



Removing magazines

On the back panel of the Autoloader are two
magazine release holes, (1) willrelease the right
magazine, (2) will release the left magazine.


Removing the old chassis from
the rack or cover



To release each magazine:
(1) Push a small metal pin or paper clip into the release
hole, (2) while a second person grasps the magazine
and removes it from the Autoloader.

If the Autoloader is mounted in a rack or tabletop
conversion cover, loosen the captivescrews inside the
left and right front bezel. With assistance, slide the
Autoloader out of the rack or cover.



Removing the tape drive

Unpacking the new chassis

Unpack the new chassis and place it on a sturdy table.
Save the packaging materials to return the old chassis.


Attaching the feet

Loosen the blue captive thumbscrews on the drive.
Pull straight backon the tape drive handle while
supporting the bottom of the drive to remove it from
the Autoloader.

If the Autoloader is mounted in a rack or has a tabletop
conversion cover, skip this step.
CAUTION! The Autoloader must be supported under
both side edges to operate properly. If the Autoloader is
not mounted in a rack or covered with the tabletop
conversion kit, you must apply the feet. Gently turn the chassis over and set it on its back.
Locate the six inscribed foot location lines.
Peel the backing paper off each foot and apply it within
a set of foot location lines.
Gently turn the chassis over and set it on its feet.

10 Remove the shipping lock

12 Replacing the tabletop
conversion cover

If the Autoloader has a cover
from a tabletop conversion kit:
Place thenew base chassis
in front of the cover.
Slide the chassis
under the cover
until the front
panel of the
chassis is aligned with the cover.
Tighten the screws on the chassis front panel
until the cover is secure.

13 Loading the chassis
IMPORTANT! The shipping lock must be removed for
the robotics to work properly. A robot move error is
displayed if the shipping lock is not removed.Locate the tape holding the lock at the top of the new
chassis. Remove the tape, then remove the lock and
store it as shown.

Load the magazines and tape drive that that you removed
from the old chassis into the new chassis. Plug in the
Ethernet and SCSI cables, and the power cord.

14 Verifying status

11 Installing the new Autoloader
base chassis into the rack


Power on the...
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