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Have you ever read a book that makes you remember a really important person too you? Last semester that happened to me when I read “Cry the Beloved Country”. In Cry the Beloved country one of the main characters is the Reverend Stephen Kumalo. This character reminds me of my best girlfriend Emilia Coronel Hoth. Emilia Coronel Hoth has lots of characteristics similar to Kumalo, but first I amgoing to tell you about the character Kumalo. Kumalo is an old Zulu priest who spent all of his life in the village of Ndotsheni. He is a quiet, modest, and a kind man with a strong moral sense. He is not perfect all of the time, but he is determined to help others. These characteristics make him the moral center of the novel. He is just like Emilia.
When I began junior high I was the new girl atschool and very scared, I didn’t want to be there at all. There were just eleven kids in the International Baccalaureate Program; and it was weird because even though there were only eleven, I didn’t talk to anyone. I thought all of them were strange because they were already in a group and it was just the first day. The names of my classmates were Danny, Omi, Nicho, Zamudio, Chente, Feliepe, Chimal,Emilia, Rosi, Grecia, and I Sandra. I gave names to all their clicks. The first group was Danny, Nicho, and Zamudio; they were the threeirdos because Danny and Nicho were a couple and Zamus was always with them. Rosi and Grecia were the spoiled ones. I tried to be friends with them but they were usually very mean to me. Chente and Chimal were the lonely ones because they were always alone. Felipeand Omi were the smarty-pants ones because they were always teasing me, and finally Emilia. She was in the popular kids group. I thought they were like everyone back in my other High School. I thought they were the typical: rich, good looking, involved heavily in school and especially in the athletics department, funny, snobby, uninterested in the ''non chosen ones'' (or mean to them), or acombination of any of the above, and that popular girls were as usual either on the cheerleading or dance team, or excelled in athletics such as track or basketball. The truth is that I was wrong about all of them and Emilia showed me my mistake.
Emilia, like Kumalo, used to live in a little town in Mexico called Valle de Bravo. In this town there is only a population of 22,166. In Valle de Bravo asin Ndotsheni there are not many opportunities, so Emilia came to Toluca for high school because it is one of the closest and best cities in Mexico.
Emilia started to talk with me the second day of school; I thought she was sweet and that maybe I was wrong about being judging her so harshly. The days went by and she became my best friend. On my birthday she and I went to dinner at tacos detransito. She told me that she hadn’t bought be anything for my birthday so she would buy me dinner. It was amazing because I thought no one remembered my birthday, but eleven of my classmates were there with me. Emi did that for me, she showed me that there are lots of people who care about me.
My mom works a lot like my dad. Most of the time they couldn’t be there for me at school and all my classmatestook care of me instead. When that happened they took me to their houses and they did homework with me. They were such good people and I was ashamed that I thought such bad things about them.
The only boy that I couldn’t stand yet was Felipe because he was such a smarty-pants with me. After he and his girlfriend broke up he was heartbroken. Emi saw him and, like Kumalo, she helped Felipe byinviting him to eat with us. I was very mad at her because I didn’t like him. He came with us, and turns out he was not as bad as I thought. After, he went to the movies with us. Turns out I was very wrong and he was a great guy. Days passed and Felipe and I became a couple (I know its lame but he is such a nice boy). He became my boyfriend thanks to Emi. Emi helped make everything perfect. Because...
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