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Strategy of Product. " We develop tasty, healthy and innovative products ".
Bimbo listens to the clients ". And they can be sure, that, listening them they can be sure of what is what the costumersneed and with it to deliver them products and services that exceed their expectations

Strategy of Brand. " We establish long-term relations with our consumers ".
Certainly Bimbo has anextraordinary rooting among million consumers in Mexico, the brands that they have has been established more than a half century on the market. Most of the adults grew with " Gansito " or White bread Bimbo.They have turned into recognized brands in house, of the families. This way, these old clients are the first ones in acquiring the products and to teach their children to consume them. The Bread Bimbohas turned into a generic word into Mexico.
Strategy of Market penetration. "This company comes every day to more consumers ".
Certainly, one of the most important competitive advantages (or themost important) for Bimbo is their capacity to get to the most remote points of sale. In Mexico and other parts of the world, Bimbo has known how to place their products to an average of less than onekilometer of distance of every consumer; During 2009, Bimbo growth their routes from 31,900 to 34,600.

Strategy of Increase of Margins. "Iincrease the efficiency to create value ".
Bimbo alwayshas sought to raise their efficiency. For it, this company has developed his own production technology for their products, which has allowed the optimization their resources, to reduce their times ofproduction, an also to raise the quality of their products using better packings; seeking to support constant his their pleased and satisfied consumers.

Strategy of acquisitions. " They identifynew opportunities of growth ".
Already we have commented of the growth that Bimbo has around the world. In the year 2007, this company acquired new assets in Chile, Peru, Panama, Brazil and Uruguay....
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