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Literary Elements
A. Title
a. Literal- because the selection is about a stray animal.
b. Metaphoric- another definition for stray is abandoned and Doris feels like that.B. Setting
c. Time: winter- story takes place in January
d. Place: USA- windows; characters names
e. Society: working class- father works at warehouse
f. Economic:poor-middle class- dad job, no mention of the wife occupation; window looks dirty but in good conditions.
C. Genre
g. Fiction- not a real story
A) Short story- not many characters;plot not too elaborated.
D. Narrator
h. Cynthia Rylant (author)
E. Characters
i. Doris
B) Obedient- doesn’t disrespect her parents
C) Determined- doesn’t giveup easily
D) Lonely- doesn’t have “anything” for herself
E) Good Child- helps her parents with the chores
F) Kind-hearted- felt sorry for the stray
j. The stray(dog)
G) Well- behaved
H) Obedient- follow orders
I) Smart- knows what to do and not to
k. Mr. Amos Lacey
J) Has common sense- doesn’t want the dogK) Hard working- works to help his family economic situation
l. Mrs. Mamie Lacey
L) Realistic- knows their finances
M) Has common sense- doesn’t want the dog.
m. Doris & the stray
G. Antagonist
n. Parents
H. “Flat” Character
o. The stray
I. “Round” Character
Doris & parents (daughter; good human being)
J. StaticCharacter
p. Doris, the stray & mother
K. Dynamic Character
q. Father
L. Point of View
r. 3rd person limited- reader only knows Doris side of the story. -OR-
s.3rd person unreliable- Doris view can be colored by her emotions.
M. Conflict
t. external
N) Man vs. man- Doris vs. parents
O) Man vs. nature- family vs. snow (weather)...