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OneSource Company Summary Report

Panasonic Corporation
7 October 2010

OneSource Company Summary Report for Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Corporation
1006 Oaza Kadoma-shi Kadoma,571-8501 Japan Tel: 81-6-69081121 Fax: 81 (6) 6908-2351 Employees: Company Type: Corporate Family: Traded: 384,816 Public Parent 437 Companies Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6752 New York Stock PCExchange: 15-Dec-1935 KPMG Financials in: USD (mil)

Fiscal Year End: 31-Mar-2010 Reporting Currency: Japanese Yen Annual Sales: Net Income: Total Assets: Market Value: 79,813.8 1 (1,113.2) 89,448.42 27,655.3 (24-Sep-2010)

Incorporation Date: Auditor:

Business Description Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic) is a manufacturer of electronic and electric products for a range of consumer,business and industrial uses, as well as a variety of components. Panasonic is engaged in the production and sales of electronic and electric products in a range of business areas. The Company divides itsbusinesses into six segments: Digital AVC Networks, Home Appliances, Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. (PEW) and PanaHome Corporation (PanaHome), Components and Devices, Other and SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. (SANYO). In December 2009, Panasonic Corporation acquired over 50% interest in Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Pursuant to the acquisition, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of PanasonicCorporation. Effective December 21, 2009, Panasonic Corporation acquired Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., as well as its subsidiaries, SANYO ASIA PTE LTD, SANYO NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION and SANYO EUROPE LTD.For the three months ended 30 June 2010, Panasonic Corporation's revenues increased 35% to Y2.161T. The Company's net income totaled Y43.68B, vs. a net loss of Y52.98B. Revenues reflect higher salesfrom digital AVC, appliances, electric & panahome and devices business segments. Net income also benefits from lower percentage of cost of sales and selling, general & administrative expenses. Source:...
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