Stress & gender differences

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  • Publicado : 25 de diciembre de 2010
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It was interesting to learn about this unique stress response in women. Although there are still various issues to be explored such as the type of stressful situations being faced, individualdifferences in personality, developmental experiences and whether or not a woman has offspring the research explores points that are valid when using the theory. It is only reasonable to believe thatgender differences exist in response to stress. Thinking of past experiences during my adolescent years it was clear to see that men try to resolve issues usually fighting or through other violentresponse or simply ignoring the whole situation and walking away from it. Females on the other hand, we tend to remain calm because we know that helps and we don’t resort to violence against each other tosolve issues. Hormones truly have the ability to change people’s behavior. I do not have children but I know my mother is capable of doing anything to protect me. I have seen it and so I assumemost women will be willing to sacrifice themselves for the wellbeing of their children. Truly, some mothers are unattached and in some cases hurt their own babies but we must remember that those casesare not the majority and that in many of them an imbalance in their system is being experienced. In my opinion this theory could be applied to a great number of situations and be found valid. Italso opens up the door for further research on the subject.
I particularly enjoyed the critics on the article, it amazes me how the same paper can elicit different responses on different people. Isthis why they called those articles peer reviewed? I supposed I had never read a review on an article. People definitely see the world in a diverse way and get set on their own view of things. I thinkone should approach such studies with an open mind always aware of the fact that obviously individual and situational differences can affect the outcome of any theory or study. If more questions or...
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