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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Thisstory is different, is strange, is my story and I am a survivor of it, is very complex, but I try to make this story more pleasant. All I ask for was a coffee between of this stormyday, all I needed was a place to protect the rain, really was a dark day, bored and something gloomy; It's half past two and a few blocks before of this small balcony protruding froma house just two floors, where only enough to cover my head, I seen two car accidents for three reckless people, a man of high stature and light skin to hit a woman who seems to be hiswife and some young people immersed in the drug.

It was pretty depressing towitness the image, but really didn’t give importance, if what really mattered to me was get home to relieve my great routines, operations I income that is not belong to me were ofthe company that labored; but I'm still standing on that little balcony to which I clutch  the rain stopped.
It seems the rain wouldn’t stop and my feet didn’t want to walk in the great storm, but in this cold and austere rain I decided to take my way,, ThenI saw all the people away, I walked slowly and pensively, recently presented acts affecting minutes and covered my head in my memories, for a moment I understood that was a point of danger,but one of my priorities was not detail in the world being, philosophical or crazy life, my priority was to get rid of my daily routine and similar stories that break down my steps
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