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Stronghold: Crusader Extreme (v1.2e) – Readme

Section 1 – Crusader Extreme
Section 2 – Useful Web Addresses
Section 3 – Multiplayer Help
Section 4 – GameSpy Arcade & Windows Vista
Section 5 – Additional Features

Section 1 – Crusader Extreme

If you are new to Crusader, we recommend playing either the Crusader or Warchest trails before attempting the Crusader Extreme trail. TheCrusader Extreme trail has been created for veterans of our Stronghold titles. Gird your loins and let battle commence!

Stronghold Crusader Extreme features 2 versions of Stronghold Crusader: Stronghold Crusader Deluxe and Stronghold Crusader Extreme.

Stronghold Crusader Deluxe was previously only released in the US. It features all the content from the original Stronghold Crusader but also addsnew opponents to battle and the Warchest trail.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme is a brand new version of Stronghold Crusader featuring new extreme features, such as the outposts and super attacks, which can be used in multiplayer and skirmish modes. There are also new opponents to battle and the Extreme trail.

Section 2 – Useful Web Addresses - FireflyStudios - Gamecock (Mature rated website) - Heavengames Fansite - Stronghold Knights Fansite

Section 3 – Multiplayer Help

Stronghold Crusader/Stronghold Crusader Extreme Multiplayer

If your computer is connected to a router/firewall you will need to forward the following MicrosoftDirectPlay Firewall Ports to your computer in order to play Stronghold Crusader or Stronghold Crusader Extreme multiplayer.

Initial TCP Connection
47624 Outbound
47624 Inbound
Subsequent TCP Inbound
Subsequent TCP Outbound
Subsequent UDP Inbound
Subsequent UDP Outbound

If you require help configuring yourrouter please visit which has an excellent range of guides for over 1000 routers.

Windows Firewall

1. Open Control Panel > Windows Firewall
2. Select the Exceptions tab
3. If Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Crusader Extreme are not in the list click Add Program.
4. Select Stronghold Crusaderand click OK
5. Repeat the process for Stronghold Crusader Extreme
6. Click OK to close the Window Firewall panel

Section 4 – GameSpy Arcade & Windows Vista

To play multiplayer via Gamespy Arcade on Windows Vista, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 must be installed.

Section 5 – Additional Features

Radar Map

While in-game pressing ALT-R changes the radar map to show the enemies all inone colour and the player and allies in another colour.

Extreme Powers Around Lord

Within Extreme Multiplayer Play Options, you can active ‘Extreme Powers Around Lord‘.  This option enables the player to spawn troops using the Tactical Aid Bar within the radius of the lord rather than just within the radius of your Keep.

Fichier LisezMoi de Stronghold: Crusader Extreme (v1.2e)

Partie 1– Crusader Extreme
Partie 2 – Adresses de sites Internet utiles
Partie 3 – Aide Multijoueur
Partie 4 – Gamespy Arcade & Windows Vista
Partie 5 – Caractéristiques supplémentaires

Partie 1 – Crusader Extreme

Si vous découvrez Crusader, nous vous conseillons de jouer d'abord à la Piste du Croisé ou la Série d'escarmouches 2 avant de vous lancer dans la Série d'escarmouches Extreme. La Séried'escarmouches Extreme a été créée pour les joueurs expérimentés des titres Stronghold. Revêtez votre armure et que la bataille commence !

Stronghold Crusader Extreme propose deux versions de Stronghold Crusader : Stronghold Crusader Deluxe et Stronghold Crusader Extreme.

Stronghold Crusader Deluxe n'était sorti qu'aux Etats-Unis. Il propose tout le contenu du jeu Stronghold Crusader...
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