Structural changes from st denis abbey to the late gothic style.

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The Isle of France (Ile-de-France), the real domain with Paris as its center, was the stage in which Gothic style was born, and in which, for a period of approximately 1150 to 1300 reached the top ofimprovement. The birth of Gothic is recognized in Saint Denis church where all those elements that pre-existed Gothic out east living separately, combined to make Gothic a combination of variouselements that included: the ribs, the flying buttress, triadic portal, rose windows, pointed arches among others. Despite continuing in the same gothic style this elements and designs began to modifymaking a difference between the early and late gothic.

Some of the changes seen in the S. Denis which impacts and changes right through the times is the glazed triforium in St. Denis, the arcades arelofty, the piers slender and composed of groups of shafts, the vaulting shafts rising from floor to springing. The clerestory is spread as widely from pier to pier, and the clerestory and triforiumare combined by running the mullions of the windows down to those of the triforium. The idea of the glazed triforium in fact amounts to a continuation of the clerestory window into the storey below iton the outside as well as on the inside but, as the time goes by the design is being altered subordinating the triforium between the higher main arcades and clerestory and on several occasions omittedit entirely. When we look at the structure, we appreciate the constructive elements and characteristics of the cathedral, such as the clerestory glazing which seems to be a continuation of the upperfloor. This idea of simplifying the two-story flat, rather than the traditional three (ships, gallery, clerestory), is characteristic of late Gothic with its tendency towards the unification ofelements appears in several churches of the time. The clerestory and upper floor are elements arranged diagonally against the pillars, giving the chorus design a unique flavor, since the diagonal elements...
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