Study and simulation of a mti subsystem radar

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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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Study and Simulation of a MTI (Motion Target Indication) subsystem in Radar systems.
EUITT. Polytechnic University of Madrid

David Salas Godoy In this project we are going to study and simulatein MATLAB a MTI subsystem. The MTI is a kind of radar which rejects signals from fixed unwanted targets, such as buildings, hills and trees, and retain the signals from moving targets such as aircraft.These unwanted radar returns are knew whit the term clutter. The MTI radar use Doppler frequency to distinguish between moving and stationary targets or objects such as clutter. The Dopplerphenomenon describes the shift in the center frequency of an incident waveform due to the target motion with respect to the source of radiation. We analyze the performance of some elements of the MTI subsystemsuch as detectors or MTI filters under a Rayleigh clutter model and nonfluctuating (Swerling V) and fluctuating (Swerling I, Swerling II, Swerling III, Swerling IV) target models. We study thedetector performance in terms of detection probability (Pd) versus signal to clutter ratio (SCR) for different parameters: the number of integrated pulses (n), the kind of MTI filter and the target model.We analyze three detectors: linear, quadratic and logarithmic. In the MATLAB simulation can be modified the α parameter of logarithmic detector. These results have not been included in this project.Three kinds of MTI filter have been used: single canceler, double canceler and quadruple canceler. In the MATLAB simulation exist two options more: simulation without MTI filter (this option is used tokeep the subsystem in good working order) and optimum quadruple canceler (which presents an improvement respect to quadruple canceller response). In the program used to simulate the MTI subsystem,users can select from over six options of simulation: pulses sweep, targets sweep, filters sweep, detectors sweep, Doppler sweep or customize simulation. In the last option, users can select the...