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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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Tarrazú high school
English department
Student`s name:
Jonathan Sánchez Monge
Professor`s name: Ernesto Calvo
Group: 11-4
Date: 23/07/2012

* Opposition to in vitrofertilization.
* Legalization of marihuana as medical resource.
Opposition to in vitro fertilization. |
I agree because… | I disagree because… |
Is an option for the peoplethat don`t can have children’s. This demonstrate the perseverance of the parents that don`t can have kids of the traditional way and continue trying. | This type of fertilization is opposed to life.The technology is important, but requires responsibility, and this fertilization don`t is responsible with the live. |
Is a big advance of the technology and is very useful. With the newtechnology today we can enjoy the advances in areas like the medicine, and is important to consider the hardworking of the scientist. | Don`t is the traditional process of fertilization that the religionteach. Is important to respect the beliefs of our parents and grandparents. |

Legalization of marihuana as medical resource. |
I agree because… | I disagree because… |
This is an option oftraditional treatment, because this plant has medicinal qualities. Even today with modern medicine it is important to the acceptance of traditional medicine as a way to cure diseases. | This drugdamages the human body. Studies have shown that marihuana affect the body, especially the heart and brain, which endangers the health, making it necessary to use reason and think about what we do tothe body by consuming this drug. |
Can help the people with cancer to control the pain. This is justified as a positive because it is a form of compassion for those suffering some disease and thishelps to relieve pain. | Can produce addiction. Most drugs especially marihuana are addictive substances that harm the body. It is necessary that man has autonomy and not dependent on drugs. |
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