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  • Publicado : 27 de julio de 2010
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Status Update for <Project X>
Overall status: Green
<Fill in an executive overview here. Assume people will only read this, and that they’llonly read 3-5 lines, so pick the things they absolutely need to know. Does anyone need to worry? If so, what about? Is someone on top of it? Be honest andplain-spoken: better that people know the unvarnished truth now.>
<Include a table like that below. The idea here is to show the original date, the last week’sestimate, and the actual (completed) or currently estimated date. This gives a quick view into whether or not the project is slipping and by how much. Use comments toeither explain the item or talk about what’s going right or wrong with it.>
 Schedule item | Item Owner | Plan date | Last week’s estimate | Actual or scheduled |Comments |
Feature Code Complete | Stevea | 11/30/2007 | 11/30/2007 |   | On track |
ZBB | Benall | 2/1/2008 | 2/1/2008 |   | ZBB Build without SS bits |
RTO| Sabbien | 3/4/2008 | 3/4/2008 |   | Release to Ops |
RTW | Stevea | 3/24/2008 | 3/24/2008 |   | Release to Web |
<Fill in necessary details here.This can be more verbose, but the longer it is, the less people will read it. Try to answer any questions you’d have about the project because of the things you saidin the overview. Use Headings to make it scannable. List risks here along with what you’re doing about it.>
<Sub Area 1>
<What’s going on in thisarea? Who’s doing what? Who’s on the line for doing it?>
<Sub Area 2>
<Include a listing of risks, what the mitigation is.>
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