Subir fotos de empleados a sap

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How to Configure Employee Photos (4.7 - Enterprise)
Create Number Range
A number range must be created for SAP Archive Link.
Transaction code: OANR
For this process, additional authorisation is required for S_NUMBER = 03 ARCHIVELNK.
In ‘Intervals’, create number range 01 from 0000000001 to 9999999999 without the external number flag.
This is likely to already exist.
Assign DocumentsClass
Document type HRICOLFOTO must exist with document class JPG.
Transaction code: OAC2
Document type settings
Document type HRICOLFOTO must be linked to object type PREL and Infotype 0002.
Transaction code: SM31
Table V_T585O (View)
Set all three columns here to minuses and don't put a flag in the check box.
Content Repository
Create a content repositorywith storage type FILE archive.
Transaction code
IMG: Basis Components --> Basis Services --> SAP Archive Link --> Basic Settings --> Maintain content repositories
Swap from display to amend. Select a current entry and ‘copy’ or just hit ‘create’. Then select .
Then fill in the details as below:
Choose a two character name – can use Zx (where x is a number) if you wish to use the customernamespace
Choose the relevant description
Set DocArea to be ‘Archive Link’
Storage type – set to R/3 Database
Protocol – leave blank
Choose Version no. 0046 (or the latest one that is available)
Contents table – set this to SDOKCONT1
Basic Path – c:\ (this should be set to where the photos are all held)
Archive Path – c:\ (this is the area from where the photos are retrieved)
Output Device –can leave blank
Enter the path name where the photos are to be loaded from. Note this is for loading only. When the photos are linked into the sap system (see later), actually, SAP takes a ‘copy’ and stores it elsewhere. The path may only need to be entered to ‘Arch.path’, but entering to all three doesn’t seem to hurt.
Imagen de BEL
Ruta: SAP NET WEAVER-Servidor de aplicación-Servicios base- Archivelink- customizing base- Definir repositorios de contenido
Maintain the required Basis Service
Transaction code: SICF
Here you activate the Content Server Interface.
First you need to create a user profile – with sufficient authorisations to carry out the processes which are done by the system in the background. Ideally this should be a background user for a notional/dummyuser. You can use your own user ID after which SAP will warn you that this is a dialogue user account. If you do use your own user ID, change it as soon as you have tested the config. Once you have finished the project, the chances are that your user account will be deleted from the system which will subsequently stop this service from working.
Double-click on “content server” in the left hand treestructure. You can find it under default_host --> sap --> bc --> content server
Once you have done this, click on the refresh icon and make sure that the service is activated. If it is activated, the writing should be in bold (as opposed to greyed out) (Debe agregarsele usuario y contraseña mandante
Check which content repository (Archive) is linked to document type HRICOLFOTO in objecttype PREL
Transaction code: OAC3
Set the ‘Content Repository’ field to the one you set up in the step above.
Note the Ret.per. field is the retention period for the photo in MONTHS. (so the default is 833 years and 3 months!)
Link photo to personnel number
Transaction code OAAD
Click on the Create – Store and Assign button. Enter Business Object PREL and Document TypeHRICOLFOTO. Click on create(F8).
Enter the Personnel Number of the employee you want to link the photo to. Choose also the infotype that you wish the photo to be displayed on (not sure how relevant this is. It works if you use 0002 but should also work if left blank. Suspect is only relevant if you wanted to store different photos for different infotypes)
Click on Continue.
Enter the path and...
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