Subliminal stimuili

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Juan Sebastian Peña
Jose Miguel Gaitan
Felipe Magaña
Gimnasio La Montaña
Subliminal stimuli
Every time that we come out to the streets, we are exposed to differnt kinds of subliminalstimuli that produce an effect on you without even noticing it. The purpose of this report is to show people that there’s evil where they think there isn’t but also to let people know how their headworks and responds when percieving subliminal stimuli. This stimuli is in many things you are in contact with everiday and that appear to be harmless. Subliminal stimuli has been used to introducemany type of messages in peoples mind, including satanic and sexual messages.
Different kind of examples of subliminal stimuli were searched on the web and analized from different sources for provingwhich messages really existed and which ones were fake examples. After knowing this messages really existed, how they work on our minds and what are they used for was the next theme of our research.
Asa result, was found that human minds have two types of perception: concious and subconcious. Subliminal stimuli are not percieved by concious perception, that´s why they aren’t noticed by the victim,but they are percieved by the subconcious perception. The problem here is that everithing that the subconcious perception recieves gets directly into our heads without being judged by the intelect.Many organizations take advantage of this and introduce on our minds what they want us to think, no matter if it’s good or bad.
We were researching the legality of using subliminal messages. We foundthat using subliminal messages is iligal for corporations, also manipulating the speed of the images so that the human eye could not perceive them is illegal as it is to change the voices and soundsby putting them at a frequency that the human ear can not hear. After concluding our research we had a litlle discussion about this. We conclude that eventhough this things mentioned before are...
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