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Subroutine Guide.doc

Introduction This guide contains a list of the subroutines used most frequently by T24 applications and those which are most likely to be of use to developers on client sites. Wherever a subroutine is provided to perform a specified task, the subroutine provided should be used. Temenos reserves the right to modify the followingroutines as and when required. However, where possible, any such changes and the impact upon the use of the subroutines will be documented. Date Routines CDD Description Calculates the difference, in days, between two supplied dates (REGION, DATE1, DATE2, DAYS)

Arguments Incoming REGION DATE1 DATE2 DAYS

Region code Start date, YYYYMMDD End date, YYYYMMDD 'W' to indicate working days 'C' toindicate calendar days

Returned DAYS CDT Description

The number of days difference, + or -

Calculates forward or previous date from a start date using the number of days. (REGION, DATE, DAYS)

Arguments Incoming REGION DATE DAYS

Region code Start date, YYYYMMDD The number of days forward in the format + or -, the number of days, working or calendar eg. +99C, 6W, +66W+3C

Returned DATEETEXT Page 1

The calculated date Error message if unsuccessful Release T24R05

Temenos T24 Media CFQ Description:

Subroutine Guide.doc

Calculates the next date from today's date and a frequency code. COMI from I COMMON

Arguments: Incoming: COMI Returned: COMI

YYYYMMDDXXXXX where XXXXX is the frequency code.

YYYYMMDDXXXXX the calculated date and the frequency code.

DIETER.DATEDescription: This routine converts dates from the format used throughout GLOBUS (YYYMMDD) to the standard UniVerse format (either internal or external. External dates formatted as per UniVerse CONVERSIONs) GLOBUS.DATE, jBASE.DATE, CONVERSION

Arguments: Incoming: GLOBUS.DATE JBASE.DATE

Date in Standard T24 Format (yyyymmdd) The date in internal jBASE date format, or formatted according toCONVERSION Any valid jBASE Date conversion


Note that both DIETER and PRIME DATES cannot be passed. One date is mandatory Returned: GLOBUS.DATE JBASE.DATE Date in standard T24 format (yyyymmdd) The date in internal jBASE date format, or formatted according to CONVERSION

JULDATE Description: Convert from Julian to Gregorian date format and visa versa GREGORIAN.DATE,JULIAN.DATEArguments: Incoming: Page 2

Release T24R05


Subroutine Guide.doc Standard T24 Date in the format yyyymmdd Julian Date in the format yyyyjjj

One of the above dates must be passed to the subroutine; the other date must be null. Returned: GREGORIAN.DATE Standard T24 Date in the format yyyymmdd if passed as null Julian Date in the format yyyyjjjif passed as null


Exchanges Rates CALC.ERATE.LOCAL Description: This routine calculates an exchange rate given a foreign amount and local currency equivalent. YLCL.AMT, YFOR.CCY, YFOR.AMT, YEXCH.RATE

Arguments: Incoming: YLCL.AMT YFOR.CCY YFOR.AMT Returned: YEXCH.RATE

Local equivalent amount Foreign currency Foreign Currency amount

The derived exchange rate

CUSTRATEDescription: Perform all the tasks involved in foreign exchange of two currencies on a buy/sell basis CCY.MARKETS, BUY.CCY,BUY.AMT,SELL.CCY,SELL.AMT, BASE.CCY,TREASURY.RATE,CUST.RATE,CUST.SPRE AD, SPREAD.PCT,LOCAL.CCY.BUY,LOCAL.CCY.SELL, RETURN.CODE


Incoming: CCY.MARKETS Page 3 Is a multi-valued field containing the markets for the buy Release T24R05

Temenos T24 MediaSubroutine Guide.doc and sell side. This parameter needs be multi-valued only for Multi Market. For all cases where the buy and sell markets are the same, CCY.MARKETS should be a single value only. In case of two markets, the format should be: BUY.CCY.MKT:VM:SELL.CCY.MKT. These are the currencies that will be involved in the transaction These are the amounts that will be involved in the transaction....
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