Subscription level and counted seats

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  • Publicado : 28 de diciembre de 2011
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Subscription level and counted seats

Subscription level
Websense subscriptions are issued on a per-workstation (IP address) basis. When you subscribe, Websense provides a subscription key viaemail. Each key is valid for only one installation of Websense filtering software. If you use multiple servers to perform Websense filtering, you must have a separate subscription and key for each.Websense software begins counting IP addresses at the first internet request after 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on a new day. Each additional IP address that makes an internet request increments the user count.The count is reset at the first internet request of the next day.
Regardless of the policy applied to the user, if a user is passed to Websense software by an integration product, Websensefiltering counts that user toward the subscription.
If you are using Network Agent for protocol filtering, any IP addresses from network traffic that Network Agent sees are counted toward yoursubscription.
Computers running software that connects to the internet also count against your subscription level, even though an actual person may not be making the internet request.

DHCP and the WebsenseSubscription level
Websense counts the number of new or unique IP addresses it sees on a daily basis. A table of these IP addresses is built in memory. This table is cleared automatically when asuccessful Master URL database download occurs. The default setting is to download the Master URL database nightly.
On a network with DHCP, it may be possible to exceed the subscription countintermittently throughout the day. This is possible by assigning computers new IP addresses. If this happens, and you have configured Websense to send email alerts, then you will receive an email with thesubject Websense Email Notification. Additionally, all new IPs seen by Websense, after exceeding the subscription level, will (depending on your current configuration settings within Websense Manager) be...