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Difference between primary and secondary succession:

Primary succession: occurs after disturbances that have been instense enough to eliminate all living organisms and biological influences fromthat area. Natural disturbances are associated with glaciation, lava flows, and severe wildfires. In all of the cases, organisms must invade the disturbed area so primary succecion to begin.Secondary succession: Is the series of community changes that take place on what was a colonized habitat but was disturbed or damaged. Some examples might include areas which have been cleared ofexisitign vegetation and fires. Secondary succesion takes less time than primary succesion since there exist undisturbed root systems in the soil as well as ote plant parts from previous existing plantsthat can rapidly be regenarated.

Succession is a process of ecological change in were natural communities are established and replaced over time. Ecologists normally recognize two kinds ofsuccession primary and secondary. Primary succession occurs in an area that is originally empty of life. An example of this could be when a volcano erupts a certain area is covered with lava, for a time,theres no life on it at all. But after a period of time various kinds of organisms begin to grow in the area. Over time, the variety of life forms change as the succession continues. Secondarysuccession is far more common, it normally occurs where life has existed but has been destroyed. An example of this could be a forest that has been destroyed by a wildfire, like primary succession there isno life for a time, no living organisms exist in the area. Before long, however, certain types of plants begin to reappear. And, as with primary succession, the nature of the plant communitiesgradually change over time.

Primary succession is the colonization of living organisms into an area that was not previously colonized by any living things. An example of this would be succession...
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