Suckers for edward

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Book report
Monica Castro



This part of the story starts with a nnote Jake send to Bella. It speaks of him missing her. Charlie doesnt likes Edward. Seattle is also hit by astring of unsolved killings. Bella and Edward spend some time filling in college papers and she tells Edward her plans and need to see Jacob once again. them Edward is against it, telling herwerewolves are random and unpredictable, hurting those around them.
then, Alice has a strange vision in which Bella is being hunted by a vampire. Edward hides this information from Bella and plans a trip toFlorida whith Charlie to see her mother out of town. Upon their return Edward is comfronted Jacob, he demands to know why the return of Victoria is kept secret to Bella and why they crossed intowerewolf territory chasing Victoria.
Edward yields and travels to the border with Bella where they meet Jacob and travel on to his house. During one such visit Jacob tells his love for her and forcefullykisses her against her will. When he ceases the kiss she punches him as hard as she is able but only manages to break the bones in her delicate hands. When Bella returns home and he learns of thisEdward threatens Jacob angrily. In effort to keep her reluctant marriage secret she refuses to place the engagement ring on her hand.
Alice predicts an epic battle between the combined force of Cullensand Werewolves and the Victoria coven. A meeting between the Quileutes and Cullens is scheduled in the forest. During the gathering Jasper highlights and demonstrates some skills and points needed toexcel in combat versus a newborn Vampire..Bella and Edward camp in the hills as the preparations for battle are made. They are soon joined by Seth and Jacob who too wait for the coming war. They useBella’s scent and lay a trap to lead the newborns into the hands of the conjoined vampire and werewolf force. Bella enters a state of hypothermia in the freezing cold mountain conditions. Jacob...
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