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Smart Loops - Drum Works loops for Home Studio XL

This Cakewalk Home Studio XL Drum Works folder contains a select amount of drum loops taken from the Smart Loops Drum Works collection. In thisDrum Works folder you'll find 200 loops, each offered in three different sounding drum kits. That's 600 drum loops! Each of the drum kit loops can be mixed and matched end-to-end to create totallyrealistic and expressive drum tracks.

Changing the tempo of the loops
These drum loops are in ACID-format, which allows any of the Cakewalk ACID-compatible programs to stretch the loops to the desiredtempo. These particular drum loops work best at mid-tempos, between 80 and 140 BPM. Although you can try to stretch above and below this range, be aware that the sound quality will suffer. Other CDsin the Smart Loops Drum Works collection are designed for slower and faster tempos, along with various styles and time signatures.

Drum Works Home Studio XL Styles/Genre
The drum loops in thisfolder were created with the most common, basic grooves in mind for today's pop/rock genre. Pick any number number-one rock tune you know, and chances are you'll find a similar groove on this CD. Checkoutthe Smart Loops Drum Works collection for loops best suited for other styles.

Three different drum kits (HSXL only includes Acoustic and Thunder Kits)
Each loop is offered with three completelydifferent drum kit sounds. And you can further change the sound of the drums by adding your own effects when you mix your songs. The following briefly describes each of the three different drum kits…Acoustic Kit: Acoustic standard size drums recorded dry, with no effects. EQ and compression applied to enhance the natural quality of the drums, and to provide a little punch common in various rockmusic styles.
Thunder Kit: Acoustic drums recorded with powerful effects and processing to create big sounding drum tracks for today's aggressive rock styles.
*Trap Kit: Acoustic drums using...
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