Suffixes in venezuelan spanish

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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When we talk about word formation we found particles that we call suffixes, morphemes that are added to a word in other to modify its meaning, either grammatically olexically. In this paper I am going to refer specifically to Venezuelan suffixes.
In this word formation area, the Venezuelan varieties exhibit some productive suffixes that does not exist in othervarieties or that have different behaviors or different sense (meaning). The six suffixes that I am going to refer are –menta, mentazón, azo, aje, ear, and era.
Suffixes are traditionallyclassified into two types: Significant or processors and appreciative or expressive. However, it must be remembered that any change in the original semantic substance transform the significance of the basiclexical unit; therefore, all suffixing to obey a need for expression that manifests linguistically, it is significant nature. It is because of the aforementioned
expressive or communicative need, thatthe speaker has to choose between the plurality of derivational morphemes possible, a specific way and not another.

Several studies about Venezuelan Spanish have shown a varied group and highlyproductive of suffixes that, by joining with lexical bases, patrimonial or lexical, produced words that aloud us express new situations and experiences that this communities live. Moreover, thesederivatives often become the basis for other derivations and even from its literal meaning give rise to metaphorical meanings enriching the vocabulary and increasing or clarifying expressiveness of thespeakers.
The divergent use of inflectional suffixing in Venezuelan Spanish is shown in the next classification:

Classification of Venezuelan suffixes.
A)Sufijos Significativos o Transformadoresamong which can find:

MENTAZÓN: Suffixes that because of their morphological conformation appear to be an exception of Venezuelan Spanish and there are not shared with other communities. An example...
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