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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Javier Alanis
Group: 303

Divided by the Alps, Switzerland has extreme weather conditions depending on its region and season. It goes from a snowy semi-polar weather onthe northern area of the Alps to a Mediterranean weather on the central plains. This is a very interesting country, as it has one of the most diverse cultures resulting from all the variety ofnationalities and foreign contributions to the several regions Switzerland is divided in. The spirit of the Swiss is a role model for a lot of countries, as they are people that with few natural resourceshave achieved to be one of the better countries to live in.
Switzerland has a very special cultural situation. Four different languages are spoken in this country, being Romanche the only native one. Inthe western area the main language is French. Inhabitants of this area are close related to French customs and literature. A similar case happens in the Tesino region, where people prefer Italian TVshows and papers. Switzerland is known as a “will-country”; which means a country built by the agreement of their inhabitants along a certain time, and not as a forced union made by the government.TheSwiss symbols known worldwide are the Alps, the Swiss Milk-Chocolate and the already mentioned cultural diversity.
The Swiss Confederation (executive power) is set by 7 ministers chosen by theNational Council and the Cantonal Council; which together are known as the United Federal National Assembly. A member of the National Council takes the charge of the President of the Confederation. Swissregime allows direct citizen vote, initiative and referendum, influence of private economy and corporative associations. The Swiss economy is based on a highly qualified work force that makes a veryspecific set of tasks. The main sectors are micro technology, biotechnology and pharmacist industry.
Switzerland is the 3rd most expensive country to live in. The Swiss citizens pay very high prices...