Summary chapter 24 - the client

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Chapter 24

Reggie and Mark enter to the courtroom. It was very small, has no benches or seats for espectators. Fink and Ord sat in their places while a young lady was ready to type everything theywill say. The judge Harry Roosvelt enter in the room and leaved for the record that he has approved the petition of Fink, Ord and Finnick and that the mother of Mark wasn’t there. Then, Fink presenthimself and state the reasons why they thought it was important to have the hearing inmediately. Harry, after hearing what Fink had tos ay, told him to sit down and listen to him. He mentionet to Finkfour rules that he must follow. 1st: he must speak only when Harry gives he the Word; 2nd: he musn’t grace His Honor with unnesesary speaches, coments or remarks; 3rd: he doesn’t like to hearlawyers voices; 4th: to remain in his seat. Fink didn’t agreed with him but nodded anyways. Mark was starting to terrify because he spected a nice and kind judge, not that man. Now was the turn of Reggie.His Honor talk to her in a sweet voice and told her to proceed. Ms Love started complaining because they havent be adviced with time of the hearing and remarked that it was an abuse os discretion ofthe court, so she and Harry agreed to have the hearing on Thursday at nine. Also she said her client doesn’t want to remain in the Juvenile Detention Center any longer tan he has and to mention thatMark’s mother was not present and that Mark wouldn’t be able to testify if her mother isn’t there. Harry answer positively al her requests except the one that says that Mark doesn’t want to remain inthe Juvenile Detention Center because he said it was to dangerous to him to stay in other part and if something happened to him he will carry with the guilt all his life. Reggie respond to him sayingthat the petition was made without proofs that Mark know something about clifford and Roosvelt agreed with her so he demand Fink to give an explication, and he guarantee they can prove they are...
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