Summary elephant man

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It ´s the biography of a young man about 25 years alrrededor 1800 in London is found by a doctor in a Circus Company, showing him as aphenomenon, and that this deformity frightened people, since neither could speak only makes noise, and to cap covered his head with a burlap bag and left him for a place tosee and qe single hole could be seen on his face had only one eye but both, as the skin of the front is hid.
This description in the book is very clear in thefilm is described but not shown as it should be.
His deformity is an evil that still exists today, and journalistic cases these days it is said that in SouthAmerica operated on 1 case to put in the form and the other was in Asia on a girl who also operated. The evil head swells the cheeks and bones of the head and face,then this other boy had a deformity of the upper lip to the set of his face came almost to his chest, hence the theme of "elephant man".
The doctor takes it out ofthe circus, which leads to a care facility and away from people, Please keep in mind that at that time medicine and witchcraft was almost all the same thing andfear overcomes reality.
This boy is hospitalized for a while and come to the conclusion that his brain was not damaged, was not crazy, and besides they couldeneseñarle to speak, all we had was not the technique to remedy the evil.
By learning to speak and to be aware of their problem without solving this guy starts avery sad period of suffering and pain, comes to ask for euthanasia, and relamente is a very sad case, in the end dies and the book explains that for a heart problem.