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“After than ceremony” – Friends
in wedding of Monica and Chandler they are talking with Joey when arrive Ross and he says toMonica “Congratulations for your pregnancy, and she answer that she doesn´t pregnant. After than Phoebe hears and she says “I´m pregnant” becauseshe protect to Rachel.
Later ross look at pretty girl and he look that in which table she sit down the number was 6 , he change hisnumber of table. After when Ross go to sit down, he found that his table is the number 6 with others kids and the girl sit down in table 9. Hedoesn´t look good that the paper with number was upside. Then he want to dance with her but in this moment arrive a girl and says that shewant to dance with Ross , he accepted and so continuous danced with other girls until arrive the big girl and she hurt to Ross in his foot.While phoebe and Rachel are talking about the pregnancy .Rachel confesses that she is pregnant and very nervous but phoebe only interest whois the father.
Rachel confesses to Monica about her pregnancy .She is surprised but happy for Rachel.
Later the 3 friends go to bathroomand do the pregnancy test. At first is negative and Rachel is sad for the notice but this is a joke; the girls are very happy, Rachel cries forthe notice.
Step: Paso
Groom: novio - así se le dice en una boda.
Upside: al reves
Stuff: cosas
Misleading: engaños