Summary great expectations

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A little boy named Pip, lived in England with his sister and his brother in law. One day he met a prisoner in the churchyard, where his parents lied. He helped theconvict; he gave him food and a file to cut the handcuffs. Later he gets asked to play at Miss Havisham’s house. She was an old lady devastated because she was abandonedat the altar after a Business with her brother and her fiancée. Estela, Havishams’s adopted kid, was very rude with Pip, but he had a crush on her.
After a while, Pipstarted to work with his brother in law, although he hated his new job he didn’t do anything to change that. One of Pip’s dreams was to be a gentleman, to be able tomarry Estela. Later he is asked to go to London by an anonymous benefactor, where he has the opportunity to study and become a gentleman. While he is in London, herecognized a pale boy named Herbert, who then was Pip’s best friend.
Even though he is a gentleman and a respected guy, he spends a lot of money, reason why he decided tovisit his old life and to attend his sister’s funeral. He often visited Miss Havisham, where he saw Estela, who was now a gorgeous lady.
Pip didn’t know who hisbenefactor was, but after years he discovered that the stranger was the prisoner he helped a long time ago. Abel, an exiled convict, decided to give him all his money as afavour.
Later he noticed that Estela was married, with Miss Havisham’s ex fiancée. He was an awful man who helped the police to capture Abel, a while later he dies inprison. Then he discovered that Estela was Abel’s daughter. At the end of the story Pip wants to be Estela’s friend, because he knew that they didn’t have a chance.
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