Summary: happiness in a society individuals

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Zygmunt Bauman analyse the ideologies of the society nowadays, explaining how the way of thinking in the society has changed through out the years.
He is giving us a clear example with the thought of Sarkozy about new ideologies in the society. Sarkozy doesn´t consider himself as a intelectual or theorician, this means that he´s totally interested in the effort enviroment of societies, believingin the hard work of the people as individuals to success in life.Working harder for our own benefit, it doesn´t take care of the well-being of the society,it just exist the individual happiness,the tradition of “everybody together” had changed to “do it yourself”(Pensée unique) There are two different groups of people with the same aim but with differents ways to get it. The first group thinkthat they can earn money from a life full of effort and hard work. The second group think that they will earn money playing the lottery or by other gambling options. He considers conviction to people as a new ideology. People lately have the illusion and they think that they can earn money easily from these games, Sarkozy wants to abolish this way of thinking explaining his own ideology. He wantsthe people to not follow their pleasure and rights if they want to earn money and get rich in their lifes. From this point, he considers that people should “sit and find’’ solutions to the social problems and achieve the stability of the Group.We can´t wait for the State to clean our doubts, that is our own responsability as individuals if we wait this to happen we will have a relation ofdependency(nanny-state).
The reality is that you will become influenced by the products you buy. Theoricians consider this as a ideology of privatisation ,this term answers to Sarkozy´s ideas,if they want to be happy and have success in their lives, they should replace their needs and pleasures(he consider them as a wasted of time), and concentrate themselves on their work and increase their financialsituations. The most important thing in this ideology is that the individual(ourselves)stops taking care of the society as a Group and start concentrating on themselves.
Individualised society focus their attention in each person to resolve the problems in that society. At the same time people depend on consumerism to satisfy our needs and desires, buying different elements that make our lifeseasier and make us happier. Working as an individual make us earn and increase the economy and solve the problems of the whole society.
Privatised society´s exclusions
Big Brother the top reality show on TV shows that life is not a survival matter like in real life. People can observe a clear example of the society simulated by a group of people who live together in a house over a long period oftime. You are shown off in a exhibition to the audience, where they can study your behaviour and press a button to evict you from the society. You are not really dead but you have been sentenced to social exclusión. “murder go into life”,you have been denied any recognation because audience has decided that you are invisible to them. This shares common themes with real society, known as the “law ofnature”, when someone doesn´t behave properly in society, this person is completely rejected from the society where he/she belongs to. The choices that human makes determine our future inside our community, like in Big Brother the individual is responsible for their acts thus making the person acceptable or not.
This ideology of privatisation make us wonder who are we ,where we belong, how to feelcomfortable in this society, etc. Those are the typical questions about our identity, in addition these questions answer as part of the authoritative manner.
This humilliation terminates inside a man and makes him more radical and uncomprimising in their ideas. This idea of social rejection is not a modern punishment, It always has existed. Those proven guilty should be condemned and punished....
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