Summary of object of consumption female

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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Summary of object of consumption female

This article deals with the exploitation of women in the areas of prostitution, slavery and marriage. The vice president is AFESIP Spain to show that thesevictims of sexual exploitation may return in the labor partner. It makes us see how this market begins. And women are subjected to drastic changes in self-esteem but with everything and that womenthrough their virtues can go forward easier than men.

Summary of Slavery century female XXI

The author Maria Charro makes us see that the feminine slavery of the 21ST century is subjected to choosethe same that man wants to when it should not be this way. Women to be accepted into society had to sacrifice their female essence. On many occasions, women are enslaved by your partner in domesticfunctions.

Summary of New forms of violence and slavery of women

We talk about the international women's day and that the organization of the Holy See is denouncing the fact that women werebeing used as traffic caused by prostitution networks. Archbishop Celestine said that women can withstand these deals and that, when we live in a world of guild this situation was going to end upSummary of Community 20- Letter from Madrid

This article discusses the slavery of women in the field to be attractive. Like the society influenced creates large manipulations to women who have incitedthose women have to be more vulnerable to be more beautiful than the man. As the discrimination intelligence wing of the women to come to a point that would make women slave of beauty

Summary ofMan who is murdering his wife to blows

On this occasion we have a case of domestic violence in which ended in tragedy. When a man she confessed to a friend that he had killed his wife beatings, thefriend informed the authorities about what has happened and then try to on several occasions revive ala victim could not do anything. The police have warned all women that if a woman passes through...
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