Summary the fruitcake special

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The Fruitcake Special

Ana was a chemist who worked at the Amos Cosmetics factory in New Jersey.
She was trying to design a new perfume mixing flowers and things when she decided to add in a piece of the fruitcake that her mother had packed for lunch.
She put some perfume on his hand.
She put the bottle of perfume in her handbag.
She thought that if she told her boss as she had done theperfume he would make a joke with his friends at the golf club later.
Her boss was David Amos who was the owner of Amos Cosmetics.
In the moment the boss was walking when she was working he smelt nice fragrance.
David Amos was a handsome English guy who preferred to go out with pretty young models.
The boss told her that she should go out to dinner with him that night and he would pick up forher home.
She went home on a bus.
When she got home her mother was talking to her aunt Mimi.
Aunt Mimi had wanted to find her a husband for years.
Aunt Mimi thought it was not natural for a woman of twenty-six years old as she is not married.
Mom and Aunt Mimi liked Armstrong the pizza delivery man for her.
Aunt Mimi had found a man who was not exactly young, who had their own hair.
Annadecided to end it and she told them both that she was going to go out with his boss that night.

* * * * * *

They were surprised and very happy.
Anna had to get ready for her evening out and she put on her best dress lots and lots of Intrigue perfume and her one pair of high heeled shoes.
She did not like men like Mr Amos but she wanted to know why her boss had suddenly found herattractive.
Momma and Aunt Mimi wanted to see her date.
He looked very handsome. However he was quieter.
He drove her to an expensive French restaurant. All the conversation was of the polite kind.
He had changed his mind and he was trying to think of some excuse to get out of her.
He said her that it was, ‘as a reward for all her hard work at the factory. And he would pay for it.’
She excuse himfor a moment and she got up from her seat. She went to the ladies’ room. She looked in her handbag and she used up half of the bottle.
As Anna was walking back to the table she almost ran into the waiter who had served them.
Mr Amos smiled at her and he said that he had missed her. She must realize that he was crazy about her.
He was calling her darling again. Mr Amos said Anna that he felt hisheart grew with love for her.
A waitress told her that she had a telephone call then she got to the lounge she took the phone. From another phone across the large room the excited voice that waiter said Anna that she was beautiful and he was in love with her.
Anna had had two men called her darling in one evening. Aunt Mimi would be pleased.
When she got back to the table she saw that David hadbeen joined by Sabina, a beautiful young model who was his latest girlfriend.
David said Sabina that Anna was the woman he love.
At that moment their waiter made another appearance. He was playing the guitar and singing ‘O Sole Mio’ to her.
Sabina hit David in the face.
David hit the waiter. Several more waiters were trying to calm things down.
Soon the place was a confused mess.
Anna randownstairs

* * * * * *

When Anna arrived Aunt Mimi’s little apartment she gave her a warm welcome.
Soon they were sitting in her kitchen, talking about this and that.
Anna wanted to know about fruitcake.
Aunt Mimi didn’t make the cake. She bought it to an old lady from a little place in the market the open air who had had seven husbands.
Anna wanted to see this old lady to ask her aboutit but the Aunt Mimi looked at her sadly and she said her that she had died the last week.

* * * * * *

Ana said she had been sick and she wouldn’t fell well until she knew the truth about the fruitcake.
Momma seemed satisfied with her explanation that things had just not worked out between her and Mr Amos. She wanted her to have a rich husband. She said that happiness was what really...
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