Summary the whispering knights

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This book tell the story of three children named William, Susie and Martha, that one night the three children was on Miss Hepplewhite’s barn doing a witch’s brew, they thinkthat it is just a game, only Martha was a little scare about it, suddenly the three children feel a strong cold wind and the brew start to smell bad, the children saw miss Hepplewhite in front door,Miss Hepplewhite realized what the children did and tell their that this brew can be a little danger because a long time ago in that place Morgan le Fay king Arthur’s sister and a kind of witch lifethere and with that brew the children awakened the soul of this woman.

The days was passing and some things was happened to this children like Martha’s nightmare and shadow in her bedroom floor, astraw appears in the barn and it burn, Susie’s haunted cake, the children’s TV doesn’t wok.

One day miss Hepplewhite tell a story about the stones in their village called the whispering knights andthe children saw Morgan in a luxury car, they can’t move until the car had completely disappear.

Some days passed and the children try to keep occupied helping their parents with the motorwayproblem, but William got bored of that and said, “ I wish something would happen. I’m not afraid of you” after that the children noticed that the barn door was open so they go to see what happen, thegirls was scared but William wasn’t so he go into the barn and see Morgan, he just want to fight with her and make her go away, Martha and Susie doesn’t know what to do so she follow William, thechildren start running around her, suddenly in the place that Morgan had been standing became in a large column of stone, the children scare go running to Miss Hepplewhite house and tell what happen but shedoesn’t surprise.

In the night Martha had a bad dream and she wake up scare, but she felt asleep again, in the morning Susie, Martha and Martha’s younger siblings go to the river where William...
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