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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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This summer I went to Barcelona for the first time for a week to visit some friends and to be honest I felt in love with this city.
thediversity in architectural styles is magnificent, but a particular place caught my eye in this journey: The Spanish village.
Built in 1929 for the occasion of the Barcelona International Exhibition,the Pueblo Español (or Spanish village) brings together some actually quite attractive traditional architecture from all over Spain and stuffs it full of handicraft and souvenir shops and packs theplace with concerts and bars that somehow do not seem so tacky on hot summer nights.

The Pueblo Español is an enchanting village and contains architecture that represents each province of SpainEvery single building is a copy of a real building. There is no traffic inside the village, as it is really a theme park.

 It was supposed to be demolished after the Exhibition, but there was widepopular support to keep it intact because it was so charming and a good tourist attraction. The builders of the village were the architects Ramon Reventos and Francesc Folguera, while the artists wereXavier Nogues and Miquel Utrillo. Before the building of the village, the four made many trips around Spain to take photographs and get ideas.
They took many notes and made many drawings. The fourvisited 1600 towns and villages in Spain
The fortridge is located on a hill in the center of Barcelona, and while you are approaching it you can see a magnificent wooden gate, about 10 metres high,wich gives a sence of power and proteccion .

After getting in we went straight into the main square (main picture above). All roads are leading to it, making it the perfect place for averyone togather.
The atmosphere of the place is unique. Walking around this place, was like travelling in time.
The details of the facades, the use of balconies and arches, were prevalent design...
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