Super size me

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  • Publicado : 2 de febrero de 2011
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Professor: Chimene Castor Student: Nancy Sofia Leon
¨Super size me¨
Morgan Spurlock, acompletely healthy man, decided to start a challenging study: during a 30 day period he had to eat only Mc Donald’s food to realize the truly impact of this kind of food in our bodies. Then, he started tofilm and produce a documentary film, to show all of us the increasing level of obesity caused by the excessive consumption of fast food. So, he changed a normal and varied diet, which included a veganmeal, for 3 ¨McMeals¨ per day.
When everything started he was physically above the average, he started to visit a nutritionist and a personal trainer; he also worked with 3 doctors to be conscious allthe time about how his body was responding with the special diet. At the beginning he was 6 feet 2 inches tall and he weighted 185.5 lbs.
It is really hard for me to understand his decision, I agreewith him when he says that we all should know the real impact of junk food in our bodies, but, exposing his own body for this experiment is too much for me. One of his doctors said that it was notgoing to be a dramatic change because our bodies are extremely adaptable, but after one week he gained (cuantas libras) and his body started to react because of his diet.
Different people also gavetheir opinion during the film, they talked about legal processes against the Mc Donald’s empire, without success obviously, also about how deep is the problem with obesity. Some of them talked about thedifferent ways which they use to make us buy their products, such as; lots of publicity campaigns and more offers like celebrating birthday parties or giving toys with their food, it is sad, but thesekinds of publicity arrive mostly to our kids. They grow preferring fast food instead of healthy food at home.
At the end, Morgan gained (cuantas libras), his bdjid was destroyed, his levels of...
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