Super-size me.

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2011
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Super-size me

In the USA, why Americans are so fat? Only two words: Fast Food. In addition an unbalanced diet and the lack of exercise in the lives of this big country are the principal causes ofobesity and cardiac diseases not only in the USA, in fact also in the entire world. This is a serious problem that now in days everyone should be worrying about.
This is the documentary of thefilmmaker Morgan Spurlock. The reason for Spurlock's investigation was the increasing spread of obesity throughout U.S. society. He has the crazy idea to start an unhealthy diet; specifically he is going tohave a diet that will prove why the fast food is very dangerous to our physical health and physiological. But first, he needs some medical examinations to prevent accidents that could cost his life.Morgan has to follow rules very important for example:
* He must Super-size his meal when offered.
* He has to eat everything that is on the McDonald´s menu.
* Every day he must walk atleast 5000 steps per day.
* Eat three McDonald´s meal in the day: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In the first days he eats meals that are very dangerous to his body, like the Double Quarter Pounderwith Cheese, Super- Size French fries and a lot of Coke, this meal provokes stomach aches and also he vomits the hamburger and coke.
In the next weeks he starts to feel the emotional problems, inparticular is the depression, the lethargy, headaches and stomach aches. The doctors tell him that is because he is addicted to the McDonald´s meals.
His girlfriend Alexandra Jamieson is also concernedabout the crazy idea of Morgan, in fact she express that his boyfriend lost too much energy because of the carbohydrates, and his sex drive. His family and friends are also worried; his mom tells himby phone, that if he needs part of the liver of his mom, he could have it.
Morgan is very decided to accomplish this objective to demonstrate the society how does the fast food destroys their...
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