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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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Superb is a heavy-duty portable daytime corona and partial discharge detection camera. Being the most sensitive solar blind bi-spectral UV-Visible imager Superb detects UV emissions in full daylightwith high signal to background ratio from far-off and nearby sources. Superb is an ideal predictive maintenance tool for overhead transmission lines and high voltages substations. Superb has a uniqueergonomic design that supports extended inspection intervals. Reinforced with reporting and analyzing software Superb is a detecting, pinpointing and reporting system.

Corona detection highestsensitivity Rapid optical zoom of the visible channel Digital UV zoom Auto focus of the UV and Visible channels Background noise reduction Outstanding UV Sensitivity UV sensitivity of 3x10 -18 watt/cm 2enables detection and displaying of corona emission as weak as 1.5 pC at a distance of 8m, and capture moving targets without smearing the output image. Built-in UV events counter and display forestimation of the corona strength. Pinpoints Corona Location Equipped with exclusive lenses and powerful zooming capabilities Superb can pinpoint corona on far-away as well as on very close objects. Thesefeatures and the outstanding sensitivity make Superb an ideal inspection camera for overhead transmission lines and high voltage substations. Built-in Recording & Storing Superb has built-inrecording, playback and storing of high resolution video clips and still pictures with optional inserted text commentating and GPS data. Media is stored on a removable compact flash card. NTSC/PALcompatibility. Easy to Operate Control is via keyboard with direct access to functions and with

Built-in video and stills recording and storage Integral folding high resolution color LCD UV events counterReporting software - multilingual Optional multilingual display on-screen indication of the selected functions. Straightforward intuitive operation. Reporting Software Ofil's reporting database provides...