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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2010
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Never say never

If you are asking yourself why you are alone, of course you are, or may be you want to know why you are doing things like you are, there could be manypossible answers, most of them trash, but if you let me I can tell you one, the magic one, of course using the letters, the ones that you and I know, the ones that you will be using everytime that youwant to express something written. The ones that will never have an answer, but please hear me. Please forget all the world around, that will confused your mind as I tell the reason that you must beenwaiting, unconsciously.

The first step is to consider yourself a human being, you have to forget your identity, your name, just keep your mind in your body and in your own mind. Also in the way youact. Forget your family, forget your place, forget your friends and your gods. Forget your life and think about you are closely to live and beyond that, born. Forget your religion.

Here is somethingto introduce you to life above us. Is like a subject you do not have to analyze or you will fail, or die mentally. This is your chance for feeling reality and to pull off your feet of the ground. Letme introduce the key, this is Faátè:

This is the unimaginable, what can not be felt, what do not have smelling and color. This is irrationality for many who have passed away in this space. Thevision that has given to us is not enough to visualize those ones that consume in our surroundings. The fire, the water, the air, and ground do not exist, they are in and give us the power to see thedisaster. The disaster does not destroy us, it feeds us, but the existence is null. Alike we traveled into the future to see the disaster, but it is not the true. The wisdom has been wrong about it. Thewisdom has extinguished. There is no more in this space.

Now you have the key but you need the help of somebody in order to arrive to the end of this, a wonderful one. Just swear you are going to...
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