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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2010
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There are superstitions which are loosing importance because people don’t believe as they used to. In fact, many communities are trying to incorporate them again telling stories andtales to his minors. It’s in our human nature to come up with something to believe in, however ridiculous it may be.

Six out of twelve interviewed people believe in superstitions. These statisticsare perplexing, I thought that there were very few people who believed that certain actions or circunstances. Some of the interviewed people believed that knocking on wood brings good luck; thatFriday the 13th is a day full of bad luck; and that a rabbit's foot symbolizes good luck. Upon knowing this, my belief that superstitions are illogical, and should not be believed, only strengthened.However, there are a few superstitions that have some credibility. An example of this is the notion that walking under a ladder will bring bad luck. But it only makes sense that you may experience "badluck" when walking under a ladder, especially if someone is working on that ladder. While you are in the vicinity, it is quite likely that something will drop on you. Regardless of the "bad luck" itis thought to bring, no good will come out of walking under a ladder. Doing so can be compared to walking across a minefield; you can’t expect any kind of luck when you walk across a minefield.Superstitions generally stem from ignorance. Many people do not understand the origins of the superstitions they believe. A common one is the belief that opening an umbrella inside a home brings badluck. During the Victorian era, umbrellas were made large enough to shelter four or five people. Of course, there was a very high chance of something being knocked over when an umbrella was being openedindoors. Today, umbrellas are made much smaller; yet, it is still considered bad luck to open one in the house. Casually, people who believe in superstitions grew up with parents who believed in...
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