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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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TIPS : Playa Hermosa is one of Costa Rica“s most consistent and heaviest spots with a variety of sandbars up and down the 10 Km long beach. It is for the intermediate to advanced surfer so if you are a beginner there are other breaks in the area listed below. Hermosa’s conditions change rapidly depending on the tides, winds and swell activity. Two keys to surfingHermosa as well as the rest of Costa Rica : know your daily tides and winds . Generally speaking it stays glassy until 8:30 a.m. and glasses off again before dark around 5p.m. It is best to surf early morning with the sun rising at 5a.m. all year round. Peak south/southwest swell season for the Pacific is March through November although swell enters all year round and can get big at anytime. Hermosatends to close out at 8”+, it is then that you head to local reefs and points breaks listed below.

Description : Sand bottom, rights and lefts. One of the most consistent sandbars in Hermosa, breaks close to the beach and is a hollow and powerful wave. If crowded move to the north in front of Rancho Grande Hotel for a nice right , or the south in front of theBackyard Bar for a left.
Tides : Best at a mid to high tide incoming, dies at dead high tide unless there is a swell.
Swell : Best on a southwest/west swell.

Description : 1 Km. North of the Hotel , sand bottom mixed with rocks. A fast hollow right breaks in front of a group of visible rocks, high performance barrel. Watch for smaller groups of rocks on the inside at lowertide. A good left breaks just south of the Terraza over a sand bar , another A-Frame peak breaks south of that in front of Hotel Fuego del Sol.
Tides : Best from a lower to mid tide incoming.
Swell : Best on a west/southwest swell.

Description : 1 Km. South of the Hotel , sand bottom rights and lefts. Accessible by beach or dirt road (see map). Breaks in deeper water thanthe hotel . A favorite for locals traveling from San José on the weekends. Do not leave valuables in car while surfing. If crowded move to the North for another peak or to the South towards the ”Pig Farm”.
Tides : Best at a mid to high tide incoming.
Swell : Best on a south/southwest swell.

Description : 4 Km North from the Hotel , sand bottom, rights and lefts. Accessible bydirt road ( see map). Breaks in deeper water than The Tree. Usually 2” bigger than the Hotel, good December through March. Nice alternative when the Hotel is small. Park at ”the corner”. Gets good in front of the ”Haunted House” too.
Tides : Best at a low to mid tide incoming , gets mushy at high tide.
Swell : Best on a west/southwest swell.

Description : 6 Km South ofthe Hotel, located in front of Soda Tulín. Accessible by dirt road ( see map ). Breaks far out and is a healthy paddle. Usually 3” bigger than the Hotel, tends to close out less with longer sections. It is the spot to surf January through March early morning when it is small in front of the Hotel. Surf in front or near the Tulín river mouth another 2 Km South, paddle out before river mouth,infamous for crocodile sightings yet lines up perfect like a point break.
Tides : Best around a dead low tide.
Swell : Best on a west swell ( January through March ).

How to get there : Located a 20 min. drive South of Hermosa. Take paved road South towards Quepos, after 10 min. you cross over the Tulín River on a high cement bridge, 5 min. later make a right into paved roadmarked by the sign ”Esterillos Oeste”. Go to the beach, park in front of the thatched roof bar right there to the left.
Description : Breaks over sand and further out over submerged reef. Tends to break on the outside, then reform on the inside for smaller, more playful waves than Hermosa . A good alternative for long boarders and novice surfers. Very few crowds, undeveloped nice beaches, old...