Susan glaspbell

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Author Biography
(Susan Glaspell)

Susan Glaspell was a feminist writer, actress, director and novelist. and is today regarded as a greatinfluence in the feminist writing.
She was born in Davenport, Iowa on July 1st of 1876. Her parents were Elmer S. Glaspell and Alice Keating. She started her debut as a writer with“Suppressed Desires” in 1915, and went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1930.
Susan started her writing career when she graduated from Drake University and worked as ajournalist on the Des Moines Daily News, but quit her career and didn’t reappear until 1915, when she met a man called George Cook, with whom she founded The ProvincetownPlayers, a very influential theater club.

She is considered as one of the most influential feminist writers of her time, mainly because of the short story “Jury of her Peers”(Which people believed was influenced because of the time Susan was appointed to report a murder, in which the wife was first convicted an then set free) and her one-act play“Trifles”.
In her more personal life, she married George Cook, who helped her found the Provincetown Players, and quit her job in 1922 so Cook could write and study in Greece, buthe died there in 1924.
After this Glaspell had though times for herself, involving bad health and alcoholism problems, but she got around it during her stance in the Midwest,where she worked for the Federal Theater Project.
When she was done with this project she moved back to Cape Cod, and wrote three more novels which were influenced by herexperience in the Midwest. Susan Glaspell died in 1948.
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