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Write about a friend of yours. Who is he or she? What is he or she like?......
Use complete sentences and descriptive adjectives.

I am Gabriela Calderon, but, I likecall me Gaby. I am 24 years old. I am an accountant. My friend is Cristian he is an accountant, too. He is 35 years old. We work together in a factory. He likes to go cinema. He lives in the Valle delos Chillos. He has a sister her name is Diana. Cristian likes cooking. He helps me when I have problems with someone subject of the university. He is learning English now. He is so friendly and likesknow a lot of people. Cris is a very good person and an unconditional friend. He likes going to parties. He is single. We are friends because; we know nine years ago and share some things together.The Cristian’s friend is Geovanny. He is 29 years old. Geovanny also likes going to parties. He is from Manabí. He is a messenger. He is married and has a baby.

Do the activities 3 and4, page 79. Unit 4. Attach a sheet of paper.
Read the paragraph. Underline the topic sentence.
One of my especial possessions is my collection of my family photographs. I have hundreds of photos. Ihave very old photos of my great-grandparents. I also have pictures of my grandparents’ wedding. I specially love the photos of my parents when they were children. Sometimes I spend hours looking atthe pictures. I like the photos because my family is very important to me.

Read the paragraph. It is missing at the topic sentence. Read the topic sentences. Chose the best topic sentence and writeit on the line.

My high school soccer shirt is very important to me. It is yellow and black and has the number “11” on it. It also has my name on the back. I got it in high school when I played onthe school’s team. Our team won every game. The shirt has a lot of sentimental value. I keep it because I like to remember those games and my teammates. We had a lot of fun together.

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