Sustainable consumption in mexico

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Sustainable consumption in Mexico
By Jaime Adolfo Vargas Espinoza, Ed D

This paper presents the Mexican actions to commit with The Decade of the Education for the Sustainable Development, the environmental protection of the patrimony of Mexico, a brief analysis of its ecosystems varieties and the necessities and lacks about Sustainable Development.
Forest reserves,environment, sustainable consumption, commitment, biodiversity.

The term sustainable development has become to be integral part of the global economic language and it tends nowadays to be the only possible horizon within the perpetuation of our species. Nevertheless, it seemed to be that the theoretical bases on as it was laid thefoundations and it developed are erroneous, to the same one time of which neo-liberal model in present growth in market world-wide, single it tends to the collapse of natural means like reserve of raw materials within process productive.
The Decade of the Education for the Sustainable Development has started up. With base in Resolution 57/254 of the General Assembly of the United Nations, that declaresthe period 2005-2014 like one decade dedicated to the intention to fortify the education and to reorient it towards the objectives of the sustainable development, as well as the Joint Declaration signed by the Directors of UNESCO, has begun a diverse activities in all region around the world.
The environmental protection of the patrimony of Mexico goes back at least until the culture of theMayans, when there were special forest reserves and the practices agriculturists obeyed to an ecological criterion. The old traditions of Earth management was lost after the conquest of Mexico on the part of European and the degradation continued until end of century XIX, when it began the modern environmental legislation. In 1992 there were 68 zones protected in Mexico, including 46 national parks thatcover around 20% of all the country.
The environmental policies in Mexico have its antecedents and legal frame in the Magna Carter of 1917, since the beginning of the last century, natural resources were considered patrimonial wells when it was recognized itself the right of original property in which the nation has on it and, when settling down the right of the same to regulating its advantage.Despite, it is until the beginning of seventies when it starts to develop, by the society and the institutions, an environmental attitude consequent and much more explicit.
In Mexico, there has been signed a National Commitment by the Decade of the Education for the Sustainable Development at the highest governmental level, with attendance of the President of the Mexican Republic, Vicente FoxQuezada and the ex representative of UNESCO, Mrs. Alya Saada. With base in this commitment, the Decade began with two important events. From 26th to 27th of April 2005 was celebrated the National Congress of the Central Region of the Mexican Republic, organized by the Secretary of Ecology of the State of Mexico, and the University of the State of Mexico in collaboration with The Center of Educationand Training for the Sustainable Development that belongs to the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources and the Network of Environmental Formation.

Then, from 17th to 19th of May was celebrated in the city of Aguascalientes the National Meeting of Environmental Education for the Sustainable Development. This way has started an huge process of inter institutional cooperation between theMinistries of Environment and Education, as well as of a set of universities, governmental institutions and organizations of the civil society jeopardize with environmental education.

The Mexican Council for the Rural Sustainable Development, created by mandating the Law of Rural Sustainable Development, is the consultative instance of the Federal Government, with influent and representative...
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