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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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Sustainable Dance Club™ is dedicated to proving that having fun and taking responsibility for our environmental impact can go together. If we can make the world a better place while having a good time, who wouldn’t want to join? Combining a creative approach with innovative technologies, SDC™ is enabling clubs, festivals and events all over the world tobecome more sustainable and inventive. By showcasing pioneering and green solutions through these engaging platforms, SDC™ wants to inspire a generation of young people to lead a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle. International fame for the Sustainable Dance Floor™ SDC’s message that sustainability is not always about reduction, is being communicated through the huge success of theSustainable Dance Floor™, a patented invention from SDC. The dance floor uses dancing people as a sustainable source of energy, it makes this energy visible and brings it back to human scale. Gaining an awareness of our ability to create energy through our own movement is the first step towards real change and is inspiring people across the world.

providing sustainable adviceSDC works with a team of professional designers, architects and consultants to create innovative and sustainable concepts for a wide range of clients. As leading experts in the field of sustainability we specialize in solutions for clubs, festivals and events as well as working with more traditional businesses. Individually tailored to the needs and ambitions of the client, SDC develops creativesolutions to integrate sustainability in an inspirational and cost-effective way. These solutions can range from a comprehensive concept for building and organization to the rent or purchase of a single SDC™-element. Creative consultancy Sustainability is a process: it means making conscious decisions that take the needs of people and planet into account, whilst leading to profit. This is also knownas the ‘Triple P’ approach. SDC has developed a seven-step model for implementing sustainability into our clients business and building. This process is visualized in the following list.

1. establish general ambitions 2. scan the current level of sustainability 3. determine concrete goals for people / planet / profit 4. develop creative solutions to realize goals 5.produce action plan for integration of solutions 6. implement 7. evaluate

This model allows every organization to implement sustainability in a personalized way, depending on its ambitions and budget. Whether the aim is to become the most sustainable club in the world or just to achieve 5% less environmental impact, there is a solution for every client. SDC consultants can guide the organizationthrough the whole process or through any number of individual steps.

Sustainability Scan SDC™ can execute a variety of sustainability scans to determine your carbon footprint and determine the status of your organization and building. We also offer options for offsetting your footprint by investing in compensation projects. Creative Workshops SDC™ consultants offer arange of workshops showing how sustainability can be implemented into your line of business. Using their specialist knowledge and imaginative approach, our consultants will work with you to initiate a creative process that will continue within your organization producing inspired results.

Sustainable trademark SDC™ is creating an international network of sustainable danceclubs where the use of the sustainable trademark and logo is synonymous with an exciting and ethical clubbing experience. By becoming an official Sustainable Dance Club™ you will save energy and water, reduce waste and get your organization ready for stricter environmental regulations. It also gives your business a more positive image, provides new media exposure and access to a network of young...
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