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Complete the sentences with the given words. Choose words in parentheses as necessary.
1. chicken Joe, would you like (a, some) _______________ fordinner tonight?
2.chicken My grandmother raises ________________ in her yard.
3. time It took a lot of _______________ to write my composition.
4. timeI really like that movie. I saw it three ______________
5. paper Students in Prof. Young´s literature class have to write a lot of _________________
6. paperStudents who take thorough lecture notes use a lot of _______________
7. paper The New York Times is (a, some) famous _______________
8. work Rodin´s statue of“The Thinker” is one of my favorite _______________ of art.
9. work I have a lot of ______________ to do tomorrow at my office.
10. light If _______________accidentally (get, gets) in a darkroom, (it, they) can ruin photographic negatives.
11. light There (is, are) a lot of fluorescent _______________ on the ceilings of the school building.12. hair Erin has straight ______________, and Sara has curly _______________
13. hair Brian has a white cat. When I stood up from Brian´s sofa, my black slacks werecovered with short white.
14. glass I wear _______________ because I´m nearsighted.
15. glass In some countries, people use _______________ for their tea; in othercountries, they use cups.
16 glass Framed paintings are usually covered with _______________ to protect them.
17. iron _______________ (is, are) necessary to animal andplant life.
18. iron ______________ (is, are) used to make clothes look neat.
19. experience Grandfather had a lot of interesting ______________ in his long career as a...
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