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Sport: The name of the sport is swimming

How to play:

· To move through water by moving your body.
· The propulsion of the body through water by combined arm and leg motions andthe natural flotation of the body.
Kind of sport: It is an endurance sport, but swimming can be practiced for pleasure, exercise, or sport . Swimming is an ideal activity for people of all ages andability.
Epoch in which it is practiced: Swimming can be practiced all the year round, out-of-doors in the sea, river, lake or swimming pools.
Basic equipment:

· Swimsuit: Competitive swimwearseeks to improve upon bare human skin for a speed advantage.

· Swim cap: A swim cap keeps the swimmer's hair out of the way to reduce drag. Caps may be made of latex, silicone or Lycra.

·Goggles: Goggles keep water and chlorine out of swimmers' eyes. (to protect the eyes from pool water and improve underwater vision).

Swim styles: dolphin, crawl, butterfly stroke, backstroke,beaststroke, freestyle swimming.

Competitive swimming:

· The goal of competitive swimming is to constantly improve upon one's time(s) in any given event.
· Most swimming sport events are held inspecial competition swimming pools.
· Swimming was part of the first modern Olympic games in 1896 in Athens. Competitive swimming became popular in the nineteenth century.


· To drown is themost familiar swimming danger but it is also the most preventable.
· Many types of bacteria can survive quite happily in swimming pools, circulating among different swimmers to spread illness.
·The chemicals used to keep pools clean and safe can be dangerously toxic in high amounts. Chlorine, for example, can dry and irritate skin as well as aggravate asthma.
· Individuals who spend a lot oftime at the swimming pool frequently develop golden tans, but at the same time overexposure to the sun's radiation drastically increases the risks of skin cancer. It's recommended that swimmers...
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