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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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GENERAL: a. Observe all Warnings and Cautions contained on the attached Warning Sticker, the Warning Declaration and the CCS Catalog.b. Follow all applicable federal, state government or industry codes and regulations, pertaining to the use of this device. MOUNTING: a. Units may be directly mounted in any position at the source ofthe variable pressure sensed. b. When making wire connections disconnect electrical power. Check for multiple circuits. c. Make electrical connections in accordance with the NEC and all otherappropriate codes and regulations. Conduit enclosure shall be wrenchtight or 12 ft. lb. max. torque applied. Keep as much wire as possible for a service loop to facilitate service, see wiring diagrams. d.Proper grounding must be accomplished by connecting to the green wire provided. ADJUSTMENT: (Not applicable if units are factory set) Pressure settings are externally adjustable from the pressure portside. a. If the electrical circuit cannot be used for testing disconnect electrical power and use a suitable circuit tester or light box. b. Disconnect pipe nipples or NPT taper threaded pipe from thepressure port.. Use 1/8” hex. size Allen type wrench to adjust pressure setting as illustrated, then attach to a variable pressure source with a suitable gage and check that the circuit continuityoperates at the pressures desired. • • Clockwise to decrease settings short of actuating the electrical. Counterclockwise to increase setting. Do not turn beyond flush with port.

AND ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS TO THE UNIT ARE DEACTIVATED AND LOCKED OFF IN THE UNPRESSURIZED AND OPEN CIRCUIT CONDITION ON ALL ATTACHED CIRCUITS. DO NOT EXCEED NAMEPLATE PRESSURE ORELECTRICAL RATINGS. a. Units are supplied with male NPT port suitable for connection to NPT taper threaded pipe with max. installation torque of 12 ft. lb. CCS recommends use of either a union or bendable...
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