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- European and Mediterranean leader in cruise tourism
Nine World Heritage Sites
Barcelona ranks on 6th place of the most visited European cities.Resources (natural, cultural and historical) Spaniards habitually stay less time than foreigners.
Water resources
High positive net migration
17,8% the unemployment rate.

Excellent transport links
Strategic Tourism Plan for the City of Barcelona.
Modern way of distribution (technologies).
“Agenda 21” program Need for water and space for sectorexpand.
Integration of the imigration
Economic Crisis.


-Resources: visiting Barcelona we can find diverse and different proposals as we talked before, this great variety ofactivities make of Barcelona a city to visit not only once but repeatedly. 56

-Leader in cruise tourism: the Mediterranean Sea has always been a very important point of transport and communicationof Barcelona with other cities of Spain and other countries of Europe and the world. The city has three sportive ports, for private arrivals; and another one, which is the main one, located near thecentre of the city. It is simply called “Port of Barcelona”. It is one of the most important harbours in the Mediterranean Sea and in Europe

-Barcelona is the only city in the world with nine WorldHeritage Sites.

56 http://marketingempresasciudades.blogspot.com/2010/08/dafo-de-barcelona-parte-del-plan.html

-Limitation of itswater resources, which are, in addition, distributed irregularly.

- Unemployment:
Last data in Spain: 57

Ultimo dato Nº ocupados Nº parados Tasa de actividad (%) Tasa de paro (%)
EPA (tercertrimestre 2010) 18.546.800 4.574.700 60,08 19,79

Last data in Catalonia: 58


- The easy transportation within the city due to the great services of bus, taxi, tram and...
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