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Management and cooperation
Cooperation between Belgian and Spanish company.

Winter 2011
NEYENS Charlotte
SAUVAGE Sophiehttp://www.belgian-chocolate-design.be/bilder/bcd_logo.gif

Table of contents

Table of contents2
Belgian chocolate design.3
1)Presentation of the Belgian company.3
2)SWOT analysis4
Turrón de Jijona5
3)Presentation of the Spanish company.54)SWOT analysis5

Belgian chocolate design.Presentation of the Belgian company.
Belgian chocolate design was founded in 2007 by two brothers, Lothar and Axel Hanf. Lothar is the manager. He has 20years' international experience in management and Axel is the "maître chocolatier", it’s a passion for him. They live and work in Belgium’s German-speaking community. It’s important to them to promotetheir small region on the international market.
The logo of the company can be divided into 5 parts:
stands for the origin. All the company’s products are manufactured in BelgiumChocolate:
stands for the matter. The different products are exclusively produced on the basis of chocolate with 100% cocoa butter contingent
stands for the competence to produce.
is an international reputation. Belgian Chocolate is known all over the world.
Chocolate Design:
http://www.belgian-chocolate-design.be/produktbilder/hotchocolate/hc_offen2_gr.jpgStands forthe passion of the maître chocolatier Axel Hanf. He is always trying to create new products: Pralines, truffles or sculptures… He spends every free minute on his work.

SWOT analysis StrengthsThe quality, the design, the varied range, a chocolate made in Belgium
Belgian chocolate design with its hand-made and personalized chocolate.
It’s a new brand and unique concept so thechocolate market is wide open. This kind of costume-built, personalized kind of approach to the chocolate industry has never been seen before.
The fourth best “chocolatier” in Belgium.
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